Take A Seat

About a month ago, my mom gave me two old lawn chairs that she no longer needed.

I wasn’t about to say no to free patio furniture, so I took them home and in the garage they sat….Until I stumbled upon this blog–Button Bird Designs. Angela has all sorts of amazing ideas for transforming  thrift store treasures.

While reading this post in which Angela paints a leather/pleather/vinyl chair with paint! Did I mention she painted it, like right on the leather! Wow! I was inspired to transform my old chairs.

Off to the hardware store to buy some of the best spray paint ever…seriously it will stick to/cover anything!

A couple of coats of Sunshine Yellow…along with a few comments from the nay-sayers, “that won’t work, it won’t stick to plastic.” “It will crack as soon as you sit down.”

Well, look here all you non-believers. My chairs are awesome! And no cracking or paint peeling!

I am so excited about how they turned out and how they brighten up the patio. Mom was so impressed she almost asked for them back!

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Thanks for the inspiration, Angela!
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