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One of my New Years resolutions this year was to complete a triathlon. And guess what?? I did it! My resolution is resolved(?) I’m not sure that’s the correct word, but you know what I mean.

 Last weekend I completed the Lake Padden Triathlon, 1/2 mile swim, 21 mile bike and 5 mile run. Whew! It was super hard but well worth it.

I have a ton of pictures taken by all of my adoring fans, aka my friends and family, that I will share in another post. But today I give you…


The Top Ten Things I Learned While Training For A Triathlon


1//  Trying to fit in swimming and biking and running is a challenge.  It definitely took a lot more planning and scheduling for three sports than it does to just get out and run!

2//  Gear. You need so much stuff for a tri! Bike, helmet, swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, running shoes, wetsuit, towels, water bottles… When I packed my bag(s) the night before the race, it looked like I was going away for a week.

3//  Swimming and Biking use different muscles than Running…..You will be sore!

4//  Go jump in a lake! Literally. Do it. More than once. The only way to get comfortable swimming in a lake, in your wetsuit, is to just do it. I went for two lake training swims before my race and I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable in the water the second time around.

5//  It feels so weird to run right after you ride your bike. Your legs will feel like jello and I imagine I looked like Phoebe in that Friends episode when she runs through the park.

6//  Swimming in a huge group of people is intimidating. I was nervous about this part, but it ended up not being as bad as I thought. I had read all kinds of horror stories tips about how I should be prepared for being kicked and bumped and nearly drowned, but none of this happened… thank goodness!

7//  Biking in the race is WAY different than biking while training. I never pushed myself in my bike training because I thought the bike portion would be the easiest. Boy was I wrong! It was the hardest. I was doing all I could to keep up with people who passed me, but couldn’t even come close. Note to self: Train more and harder on your bike.

8//  If you are a triathlon novice (as I was) go watch one to see how it all works. Pay attention to the transition area and how people do things. I watched a tri the weekend before mine, and I felt way better going into it knowing a little about how it works.

9//  Make a friend suffer train with you. Bribe, beg, lie, cheat and steal if need be, but it will be way easier if you have a buddy (or 2!) to train/race with. I had two great friends with whom I trained and it was fabulous! One is an experienced triathlete and the other, a newbie like me. Having someone to train with makes all the difference. Thanks Nina & Lance!

10//  Have fun! There were many times (especially at the start of the race) that I had to remind myself that I paid money for this and was choosing to do this for fun. I think that nervous/excited energy is helpful and makes the feeling of finishing that much better.


Where do I sign up for the next one?!?!?


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