Okay, so I know I’ve been totally lame about posting and I apologize. I got a little thrown off-track from my vacation to the sunny sun in Arizona. I guess all that wonderful desert air affected my blog-writing brain.

Anyways, on to a running update. My triathlon training is in full-swing! I have been trying to squeeze in swimming and biking along with running, which is a challenge all on its own. Swimming is definitely my weakest link so I am making extra effort there.

Last weekend my tri partner-in-crime, Nina, and I did a 14.5 mile bike ride immediately followed by a 6 mile run. Holy Cow! What a weird feeling it is to run when you can’t feel your legs! It took about a mile to get our legs back under us, but surprisingly we were keeping an amazing pace. Go us!

On the sched for this weekend-

Friday- Get my bum of of bed and run before work…ugh that means getting up @ 4:30! (The one and only reason for this is so I can go to Happy Hour after work and not have to worry about getting a run in.)

Saturday- Long bike ride. Possibly a run.

Sunday- Long run, 10 miles.

Monday- Trial-run lake swim…burrrrr!!!


If you wish to join us in this Tri-craziness, just click here to register for the Lake Padden Tri.


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