Top Ten

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to complete a triathlon. And guess what?? I did it! My resolution is resolved(?) I’m not sure that’s the correct word, but you know what I mean.

 Last weekend I completed the Lake Padden Triathlon, 1/2 mile swim, 21 mile bike and 5 mile run. Whew! It was super hard but well worth it.

I have a ton of pictures taken by all of my adoring fans, aka my friends and family, that I will share in another post. But today I give you…


The Top Ten Things I Learned While Training For A Triathlon


1//  Trying to fit in swimming and biking and running is a challenge.  It definitely took a lot more planning and scheduling for three sports than it does to just get out and run!

2//  Gear. You need so much stuff for a tri! Bike, helmet, swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, running shoes, wetsuit, towels, water bottles… When I packed my bag(s) the night before the race, it looked like I was going away for a week.

3//  Swimming and Biking use different muscles than Running…..You will be sore!

4//  Go jump in a lake! Literally. Do it. More than once. The only way to get comfortable swimming in a lake, in your wetsuit, is to just do it. I went for two lake training swims before my race and I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable in the water the second time around.

5//  It feels so weird to run right after you ride your bike. Your legs will feel like jello and I imagine I looked like Phoebe in that Friends episode when she runs through the park.

6//  Swimming in a huge group of people is intimidating. I was nervous about this part, but it ended up not being as bad as I thought. I had read all kinds of horror stories tips about how I should be prepared for being kicked and bumped and nearly drowned, but none of this happened… thank goodness!

7//  Biking in the race is WAY different than biking while training. I never pushed myself in my bike training because I thought the bike portion would be the easiest. Boy was I wrong! It was the hardest. I was doing all I could to keep up with people who passed me, but couldn’t even come close. Note to self: Train more and harder on your bike.

8//  If you are a triathlon novice (as I was) go watch one to see how it all works. Pay attention to the transition area and how people do things. I watched a tri the weekend before mine, and I felt way better going into it knowing a little about how it works.

9//  Make a friend suffer train with you. Bribe, beg, lie, cheat and steal if need be, but it will be way easier if you have a buddy (or 2!) to train/race with. I had two great friends with whom I trained and it was fabulous! One is an experienced triathlete and the other, a newbie like me. Having someone to train with makes all the difference. Thanks Nina & Lance!

10//  Have fun! There were many times (especially at the start of the race) that I had to remind myself that I paid money for this and was choosing to do this for fun. I think that nervous/excited energy is helpful and makes the feeling of finishing that much better.


Where do I sign up for the next one?!?!?


Take A Seat

About a month ago, my mom gave me two old lawn chairs that she no longer needed.

I wasn’t about to say no to free patio furniture, so I took them home and in the garage they sat….Until I stumbled upon this blog–Button Bird Designs. Angela has all sorts of amazing ideas for transforming  thrift store treasures.

While reading this post in which Angela paints a leather/pleather/vinyl chair with paint! Did I mention she painted it, like right on the leather! Wow! I was inspired to transform my old chairs.

Off to the hardware store to buy some of the best spray paint ever…seriously it will stick to/cover anything!

A couple of coats of Sunshine Yellow…along with a few comments from the nay-sayers, “that won’t work, it won’t stick to plastic.” “It will crack as soon as you sit down.”

Well, look here all you non-believers. My chairs are awesome! And no cracking or paint peeling!

I am so excited about how they turned out and how they brighten up the patio. Mom was so impressed she almost asked for them back! free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Thanks for the inspiration, Angela! free online photo editor

woo-hoo friday!!

Oh, Friday! How happy I am that you are here again so soon. After a week of cold, wind, rain and nastiness, even the sun has come out (barely) to celebrate! Here are my top 5 things  that made me happy this week. I’ll be linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk, so go check her out!


yummy smoothies for lunch


It was my roommate’s birthday, which meant cupcakes and cake! Can you tell that the 4 yo was in charge of sprinkles?

So beautiful!


I made chicken, brown rice and roasted veggies for dinner.

Delish. Healthy. Leftovers.


Today was the first day all week that I woke up and it wasn’t pouring down rain.

Maybe June-uary is almost over and we can get a move on to SUMMER!



I’m pretty sure they made me faster.



Okay, so I know I’ve been totally lame about posting and I apologize. I got a little thrown off-track from my vacation to the sunny sun in Arizona. I guess all that wonderful desert air affected my blog-writing brain.

Anyways, on to a running update. My triathlon training is in full-swing! I have been trying to squeeze in swimming and biking along with running, which is a challenge all on its own. Swimming is definitely my weakest link so I am making extra effort there.

Last weekend my tri partner-in-crime, Nina, and I did a 14.5 mile bike ride immediately followed by a 6 mile run. Holy Cow! What a weird feeling it is to run when you can’t feel your legs! It took about a mile to get our legs back under us, but surprisingly we were keeping an amazing pace. Go us!

On the sched for this weekend-

Friday- Get my bum of of bed and run before work…ugh that means getting up @ 4:30! (The one and only reason for this is so I can go to Happy Hour after work and not have to worry about getting a run in.)

Saturday- Long bike ride. Possibly a run.

Sunday- Long run, 10 miles.

Monday- Trial-run lake swim…burrrrr!!!


If you wish to join us in this Tri-craziness, just click here to register for the Lake Padden Tri.