Drink & Dash for Mr. John

Our friend and running buddy, Mr John is leaving for a long deployment this week. So to celebrate all the great running fun we’ve had over the last year+ we planned a Hash-inspired run. In other words, you  drink then run then drink some more.

We started off with shots of citrus vodka and Gatorade…a delicious combo!


Four of us set out for a 4 (probably more) mile trail run…

Next was a quick stop for Margaritas, then we were off again…

We picked up some more runners/bikers/stroller riders!

Another stop. This time for Mai Tais! And John had to play horseshoes…each time he didn’t make a ringer, he drank a shot of Jager!

On our way to the next house for sweet tea vodka, lemonade and cookies!

Last but not least, a stop for “Jungle Juice” Or at least I think that’s what Erica called it…

It was a great day filled with fun, friends and so many laughs!

We will miss you Mr. John! Be safe and we will see you soon!











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