Coffee Mug Swap

Last month I entered a Coffee Mug Swap over on Susan’s Blog, Suzels Says. I sent her my name, address and blog site and she paired me up with another blogger.

We had to read each others’ blogs and send each other a coffee mug. I was paired up with Hannah. Her blog, Blissfully Blessed is super cute. She writes a lot about her time in nursing school and about her friends and family. Is it weird that I feel like I know her?? Also–Happy 21st Birthday Hannah!!!

On to the mug swap….I forgot to take a pic of the mug(s) I sent to Hannah, but just jump on over to her blog and check it out. She got a great pic!

Here is the mug she sent me…

Love It!!


And how did she know that I take a travel mug to work every day?!?!

My new mug @ work


The funny things is, the mugs I sent to her were also polka dot! Great minds think alike!!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Mug Swap

  1. Thanks so much for the birthday wish! And its not weird that you feel like you know me because I feel the same way about you. Yay for blog buddies! SO glad you like your new mug and it looks perfect sitting on your desk!

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