Well hello, Friday. Thank you for showing up once again!

Here are my 5 faves from the week. I’ll be linking up with Lauren, so you can head on over and check out her site along with everyone else who High-Fives!

1. I watched a great chick-flick last night. It really is a tear jerker, but so worth it.  If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship, you need to rent this movie now!

2. I get to go out to lunch with my lovely sister today. What a great way to celebrate Friday!

3. I finally got around to painting some candlesticks I’ve had for a while. The best part… total cost of the project was about $7, including the candlesticks!  They were originally an ugly brownish-bronze color:


They are now (thanks to a can of spray paint) a fun aqua-blue color!


4. I participated in a mug swap over on Suzan’s blog. I received my mug yesterday, and it is AMAZING! Love it!! I will share pics soon, as it really does deserve it’s own post. Thanks Hannah!!

5. Tomorrow is Cinco De Drinko! Mayo! I plan on celebrating with a long run, relaxation, many margaritas and good friends! Ole!

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Friday!!!

    • Today we’re going to a place called Juicy Dog. It’s a juice bar/hot dog place..juicy dog, get it haha. I also love our local deli for sandwiches and salads. mmm now I’m hungry 🙂

  1. Im so glad you like your mug! Im hoping I took a picture of it before I sent it… I can’t remember! haha. Have a great weekend!

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