Where Do I Start?

“You ran 10 miles?!? You’re crazy!”

“I hate running.”

“How do you do that?”

“I could never be a runner.”

Geez, if I had a nickel for every time I heard one of those statements! I have found that since I have become a runner and have participated in more and more races, a lot of friends and family have come to me for advice. I am always happy to help and I get excited when I can give someone the push into becoming a runner. Now, I’m not saying I am any kind of expert or running guru, but I try to give my best advice from my excperiences and from my research. If you are interested in becoming a runner (do it! do it!) here are a few places to start:


Couch to 5K:  I have not used this program, but I have heard many great things about it. I really like the idea of starting out slowly and building up your body into running. It is never a good idea to do too much too fast because you hurt yourself that way. This program is a very detailed guide that helps you get started running. It begins with a lot of walking, building into walking and jogging, then running.

And that’s not all…this site also includes whole sections on nutrition, injury prevention, gear, and when you are truly hooked, marathon training!


Marathon Rookie: This is a sit I have used for training. I really like their training plans because they are very easy to follow. The plans are layed out in a week-by-week format and it simply tells you how many miles to run on each particular day of the week. For me this was a lot better than some of the plans that give you times and splits and heart rate and all kinds of other things to track. If it is your first race and/or your goal is to just  finish (yup, that counts as a goal!) I highly recommend this site.   The site states that before starting their marathon training plans, you have been running for 6-10 weeks and can run 30 minutes without stopping. They offer a 10-week 1/2 marathon training plan and both 16 and 26 week marathon plans. There is also a 7-10 week 10K plan and a 5 week 5K plan.

Marathon rookie offers lots of tips on nutrition, weight training, race day, stretching, and more! An added bonus is that the creators of this site promote Advocare, which is an awesome suppliment line that many pro athletes and Olympians use. I have tried many of their products and loved them.


Runner’s World:  If you don’t subscribe to the magazine (or even if you do) this website is chock-full of information! They offer training plans, nutrition tips, helpful articles, product reviews, and so much more. I have found many useful facts and information on this site as well as in their magazine. One downfall about some of their training plans is that you have to pay for them. They do include lots of add ons and personalization, though. If you want to be inspired to run or are lacking motivation, just check out some of their articles. Amazing!


So what are you waiting for?!?! Get off the couch! Sign up for a race! Lace up your sneaks and get out there! You can do it!!


** I should probably state that I am in no way  affiliated with any of the websites mentioned. I simply am giving my opinion.

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