high 5 for friday!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to list my five favorite things from the week! I’ll be linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk Blog for this post.

1. I finished the book and saw The Hunger Games! I was not aware of the amazing-ness until I started the book, but I was instantly hooked! The movie version is equally amazing. I highly recommend it! I’m now obsessed and have already started book 2!

2. It was sunny and beautiful on Wednesday for H20 Running Club. There was only a small group, 5 of us, but it was a great time!

3. I made some super yummy vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I also experimented with adding some banana to part of the batch. Tasted yummy- didn’t look so great….will be better next time for sure!

4. Went on a nice, long walk with my awesome mama tonight. We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!

5. Sunday is Easter….and that means brunch with family, lunch with friends and dinner with the fam again. It’s going to be a great day of celebration! (Chocolate and mimosas too!) BTW- I will be telling the following joke to every child I know over the next 3 days.

Worst/best Easter joke ever.

Happy Friday!!

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