Spring Training

It is officially time for “Spring Training.” No not the baseball kind, the running kind. Over the last few years it has been my goal to keep in good enough shape over the winter to still be able to run 4-6 miles on a weekend. Then, come Spring, I come out of hibernation (do you blame me? It’s cold and rainy and ickiness outside in the winter) and start my training for the Spring/Summer race season. This is the time to really start to run 3-4 (5 on a good week) days a week. I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping this schedule and though I have not signed up for my first race, it is coming up soon!

Saturdays have become my long run days, as I am usually heading out with a group of Glam Girls and it’s more motivating with everyone together. Last weekend, we all started out together then went our own ways and distances. Some ran 13, 10, 8, 6. It was a successful day for everyone. Also, it was pouring down rain so we figure that counts for at least 2 “added on” miles….right??

Today was sunny but a little cold. Hope this sunshine holds out for the weekend! I am planning on a 10-fer on Saturday.


**The only reason for the 10-miler on Saturday is because I plan to eat no less than 3 very large meals on Sunday…there also may or may not be many, many mimosas involved.

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