high five for friday!

Here are my 5 favorites from this week:

1.  It was my beautiful little sissy’s birthday! We got to go out to a super yummy family dinner to celebrate.

That's my sis on the left. Isn't she gorgeous?!?!

2. My new curling iron came in the mail. It’s a Hot Tools 1 1/4″, much bigger than my old one. Now my hair will be more on the wavy side than tight-curly side.

It looks like this. Click Here to buy one.

3. I got in 2 hilly runs this week. Running hills is not my favorite (but really, does anyone love hills??) but I know I will be thanking myself when shorts season rolls around!

4. I have a fun dinner and night out planned with awesome friends tonight! A great way to finish off the week!

5. I made some yummy cupcakes for all they guys at work…they were super delish!

Vanilla Cupcakes w/ Vanilla Buttercream. I also threw in a few leftover chocolates from sister's birthday.

I’ll be linking up with Lauren from the From My Grey Desk Blog for this H54F post!


One thought on “high five for friday!

  1. Good Morning:

    Thanks for the pictures. You are both gorgeous and I can’t
    wait to see you!! Bring recipes for cup cakes so I can learn
    to make them. love ya-grandma

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