H20 Running Club- A review

Last night I tried something that’s new in my town. One of the local bar/restaurants started up a running club. The idea is to meet up at the bar, run a 5K, then end at the bar for drink specials and appetizers. This is totally right up my alley! Running, Beer and Food.

It was pretty windy and nasty out, but I decided to go anyway. Two friends of mine were meeting me there, so I couldn’t bail out. There ended up only being 6 of us, but I think that’s partly to do with the weather and partly because it’s a new thing. I had a blast and made 3 new friends! I am definitely going to spread the word and try to grow this group!

If you are in the Anacortes/Oak Harbor/Burlington/etc. area on Wednesdays at 6:20, come join us!!

Click here to check out H20’s Facebook page.
Click Here for the direct link to the Running Club Facebook event page.

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