Spring In My Step

When I woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground. Boo! Well, it was slushy, kinda hail mixed with snow, but altogether still icky. I spent all morning preparing my mind for running after work and was all ready to call upon this to help me convince myself:

*See below for sources

But by the time I got off work, guess what?!?!?! THE SUN WAS SHINING!!!

Just look at that beautiful blue sky!

I was so excited to lace up my shoes and get out there! Oh hey, and check this out…I’m wearing my Glam Shades. While running. At 5 pm. A-Ma-Zing! I must say a big thank you to whoever decided to “Spring Forward” because now I have so much daylight running time after work. WaHoo!

And one more thing…..
Just when I was starting to loose hope that Spring was not coming this year (it snowed this morning for goodness sakes!) I saw these lovely little drops of daffodilly springy-ness. LOVE!

*Disclaimer: I may still be experiencing a “runner’s high” from earlier. It was a beautiful day for running, after all!

*Sources: Pinned: Here. Original Source: Here.

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