Putting the ‘Glam’ in Glam Girls Running

The weather was disgusting today, to say the least. Freezing, slushy-ish rain this morning. High winds. More rain all day long. UGH! I was so looking forward to a good run after work today and because we “Sprang Forward” this weekend it was light out for an hour longer. However, I draw the running-outdoors-line at rain, wind and cold.

Luckily, I had plenty of Glam things to keep me busy this evening. My Birchbox came today and was AMAZING! If you haven’t heard of Birchbox, it’s a company that sends you samples of new beauty products each month for a $10 subscription fee. You get a new box of different samples each month and it’s always a surprise. You can then go on the website and review the products and buy the full-size versions. To learn more, click here to go to the Birchbox website.

March is the second Birchbox I received and it was super-duper!This is the box:


This month I received:
*A sample size of Kate Spade Twirl perfume, Tarte LipSurgence lip tint, Kerastase Elixir Ultime (for hair), a FULL SIZE Essie luxeffects nail glitter polish ($8 value!), twistband Hair Tie, A ModCloth.com coupon and a Teen Vogue coupon.

L-R: Twirl perfume, Tarte Lip tint, Kerastase Hair Serum, Essie nail polish, twistband Hair Tie, Teen Vogue coupon, ModCloth coupon

I am most excited about the nail polish, as it’s a full size bottle and one I’ve been wanting to purchase for a while. The perfume smells super yummy and I really like the hair tie idea. I plan on trying the hair serum tomorrow. I also like the lip tint, it is almost like a chapstick texture, but has a “Barbie pink” color as my sister called it.

I am really loving my BirchBox subscription so far. It’s like Christmas once a month! And it all comes packaged up so pretty-in-pink!
The Packaging

Thanks www.birchbox.com!

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