Taper Week

So, the countdown to the marathon (my first ever full) is in full swing. Only 4 short days left! EEK! Is it normal that I’m panicking just a bit?? Well, not necessarily panicking, but I’m definitely nervous with a little excitement thrown in. I’m totally counting on that nervous energy and adrenaline to carry me through the 26.2. My friend, and super-fast running buddy, John has also signed up to run with me. When I say with me, I mean he’ll be there running too…but at warp-speed. We will meet up for Gatorade at the end.

I have been tapering my runs quite a bit this week. I did an awesome 9-miler on Saturday in which it was so hot I threw caution (and dignity) to the wind and ran in just my sports bra. And I didn’t even mind! Thanks Running for helping eliminate a some of the jiggle! I then did a slow 2 miles on Tuesday morning, then 5 miles Tuesday night with John. I plan to get in one more short run (3-4 miles) tomorrow then resting until the race on Sunday.

At this point it’s pretty much a “here goes nothin” attitude!

3 thoughts on “Taper Week

  1. Hi Robyn! Saw your blog via FB. So are you doing the Skagit Flats?! I’m doing the half (for which, I’ve been horrible at training this time around) I did my first full marathon about a year and half ago and I’m not going to lie, it’s tough – but it is the greatest sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line! Good luck – maybe I’ll see you there!

  2. Good Morning:

    Just finished my 2 mile walk and thinking about your run tomorrow. I’m doing 2mi every other day
    and then exercise on the other days.. It’s been really hot here, but, honey, not enough for me
    to throw anything to the WIND!!!!! (HA) These old guys that walk would surely have a heart
    attack…. I know you and John will do just fine. Sure glad you have someone to go with you.
    Have a real good weekend and I hope it doesn’t get to hot for you to start throwing things(ha)
    Wish you were here. love ya-grandma

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