Good News…Bad News

Ok- I’ll start with the good news:
1. I ran for the first time since my marathon on Saturday and I felt pretty good. My legs weren’t as sore as I thought they might be (yay!)
2. During my run on Sunday I pushed it for the last mile and finished it in 7:27! My fastest mile since high school! I’m kinda impressed with myself.
3. I’ve come to a decision about the Seattle Marathon in November. I’m going to do the 1/2, but my goal time is 1:50…7 whole minutes faster than my PR. EEK!!

Now for the bad news:
1. Trying to get a 1:50 time in the 1/2 means running mile and half mile repeats at the track. Yuck!
2. I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever and found out all kinds of things about my back. Not awful, and totally fixable things, though. But to fix it, this means NO RUNNING FOR A WEEK! AAGHHH! What am I going to do? Guess I’ll be blogging about the monotony of the elliptical.


To Full or Not to Full, That is the Question

I think I may still be on a “runner’s high” from this past weekend because I am considering another full marathon. What is wrong with me? My roommate (GlamGirlS) is planning on running the Seattle 1/2 Marathon at the end of November and for some strange reason I am thinking of doing the full marathon along with her. Part of my reasoning is that I actually felt pretty good (although exhausted) at the end of the race. Another reason is that I’m a little disappointed in my time. I was shooting to come in around 4:30, but my official time was 5:03. I know it’s a little silly of me to complain, I did run 26.2 miles. Well, I kinda want another shot at it. What do you think???


I did it!! I can now officially call myself a marathon runner. It was an awesome experience and I’m so glad I did it, even though it proved quite painful. Here is a breakdown of the race:

John and I started together and he stayed with me in the crowd for about a block before he took off at “rocket speed.” My awesome cheerleader parents were hanging out around mile 12/14 with some Gatorade and water, which was perfect! It is so motivating to have someone cheering you on. I felt really great up to about mile 15-16 when it dawned on me how far I had already run and how far I had to go. Ugh! Those miles were tough on the mind. Then at about mile 17/18 I saw my fabulous friends (and bosses) with their family on their bikes. They rode along with me for about a mile and were super encouraging and totally took my mind off running. Thanks guys!! My parents were at mile 18 with more refreshments, yay! From that point on, I was on my own. The last 8 miles proved to be the toughest! I had to walk quite a bit because of some sharp knee pain. During the last 3 miles I was really pissed off that I couldn’t run as much as I wanted because of my knee. Otherwise I was feeling good and would have run that out. I did, however finish the last 1/2 mile at a run and made it to the finish line! Wow! That was such a delicious feeling of pain, excitement, relief and pride that I wish I could bottle it up and sell it. I’d be a ga-jillionaire for sure!

Here are some of the pics:

John and I before the race

Still feeling good at mile 14-ish

Crossing the finish line....finally!

John and I still smiling, post-race. We must be delirious from the pain.

Taper Week

So, the countdown to the marathon (my first ever full) is in full swing. Only 4 short days left! EEK! Is it normal that I’m panicking just a bit?? Well, not necessarily panicking, but I’m definitely nervous with a little excitement thrown in. I’m totally counting on that nervous energy and adrenaline to carry me through the 26.2. My friend, and super-fast running buddy, John has also signed up to run with me. When I say with me, I mean he’ll be there running too…but at warp-speed. We will meet up for Gatorade at the end.

I have been tapering my runs quite a bit this week. I did an awesome 9-miler on Saturday in which it was so hot I threw caution (and dignity) to the wind and ran in just my sports bra. And I didn’t even mind! Thanks Running for helping eliminate a some of the jiggle! I then did a slow 2 miles on Tuesday morning, then 5 miles Tuesday night with John. I plan to get in one more short run (3-4 miles) tomorrow then resting until the race on Sunday.

At this point it’s pretty much a “here goes nothin” attitude!