Art Dash Re-Cap

It’s official…Glam Girls totally rocked another 1/2 marathon! A big ‘high-five’ and ‘way to go’ to all the Art Dash 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon runners!

It was a beautiful day for a run. The morning fog/clouds had burned off and the sun was shining by 9am (a late start compared to other races, but I do love sleeping in). All of the distances started together and it was a bit crowded for the first few miles. After cheering on our friends who turned around for the 5k and 10k distances, we were on our own to tackle a humongous hill! UGH! That was not fun. But other than that, the race was completely flat and even a little downhill at the end. Everyone finished with a great time! Here are the official results:
N (10k)- 58:07 PR!
J (1/2, our token Glam Boy)- 1:35:51
R (1/2, that’s me!)- 1:59:54
E (1/2)- 2:16:15 PR!
S (1/2)- 2:21:04

I was very happy with my time, as I was not thinking I would try for under 2 hours. If you remember from this post that was my PR goal just about a month ago. This time, I actually didn’t try for under 2 hours until about mile 10 when I realized that I was right on pace for a great time. Had to sprint it out at the finish, which almost ended in a throw-up-everything-you’ve-eaten-this-morning kind of way. But luckily it didn’t!

Thanks to my awesome parents who came to watch me finish (the first time ever!) and brought along some much needed Gatorade and water!

Some pics to remember this beautiful run by:

One thought on “Art Dash Re-Cap

  1. Wow!!!

    What a great run you had. Congratulations!! That was some hill you had to go up. Pictures were beautiful… I started down my the lake yesterday to walk around it. Only made it one time. Today
    I went around 3 times. 3 laps = 1.1 mile. That was great for me to say the least. I’m not training for the Marathon thats for sure. Just trying to get in shape and will just do the 1.1 mile and see how it goes before I try to increase it. Keep up the good work honey. You look just great and are in shape so keep it up. Talk to you soon……

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