Fueled by Fine Wine- Results and Re-cap

Wow! When they said this race was tough and hilly, they were not kidding! It was the hardest run I’ve done yet, but definitely the most beautiful. The mix of terrain (pavement, gravel, grass, dirt) added to the challenge. I was impressed by (and so thankful for) the amazing volunteers and water/gatorade stations. Out of the 8 races I’ve done, this one might have been the best in this area, especially for a small race. After we finished, we enjoyed some snacks and tasted some great Oregon wine in the tasting tent. It was well deserved for sure!

I walked quite a bit on this race, something I don’t ever do, because the hills we so brutal. I also stopped to enjoy the view and took a bunch of pictures (below). GlamGirlS and I both agreed that though this run was super hard and the hills are still killing our legs, it was one of our favorites. We will definitely be running this race next year, we’re already planning to make it a whole weekend trip!

Before the race

Wine tasing at the finish

2 thoughts on “Fueled by Fine Wine- Results and Re-cap

  1. Good Morning:

    Sounds like you really had a wonderful time and thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Whey were jut beautiful. Can believe we will see you in just 8 more days. I’m just about ready(finally have all important things done. See ya soon. love ya

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