Back At It

I just have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been so totally lame about keeping up this blog this week (ok, the past 10 days). I would use being super busy as an excuse, but I’m always super busy so that doesn’t really cut it for me. But I’m happy to say I am back on the wagon and I have set a new blog-goal for myself….My goal is to post at least every other day. I have a ton of ideas for posts and lately I have been more interested in climbing into bed than taking the 10 minutes to write a post.


On another note, here is what my (awfully lazy) run schedule has been since I last posted:

Tuesday 6/21- Ran 3 (slow) miles

Wednesday 6/22- Nothing

Thursday 6/23- Nothing

Friday 6/24- Nothing

Saturday 6/25- Ran 8 miles with GlamGirlS then hit up the Farmer’s Market for a super delish and healthy I-kinda-want-one-right-now-even-though-I-am-stuffed-from-dinner breakfast burrito.

Sunday 6/26- Nothing, because I threw a bridal shower for my little Sis!

Monday 6/27- Went out for a quick 4 miler, decided to take a shortcut home on the trail, got really lost, ended up running 7.5 miles and missing dinner, and it was raining. Boo!

Tuesday 6/28- Nothing

Wednesday 6/29- 4 miler (did not choose the trail ‘shortcut’ this time)


I plan on running tomorrow, Friday and Saturday….but since I will be keeping up on posts, you will all hear about it within a timely (not 10 days, eek!) fashion!

3 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. It’s always great to get your blog’s honey. Don’t know how you do it all between work, weddings plans, showers for sis among all the everyday must to do’s etc. Keep up the good work honey just don’t over do it. I don’t want all of you to be stressed and worn out when I get to Anacortes before the Parties get started!!!

    Only 19 more days to get to see all of you. SOOOOO excited!!!!

    love ya-take care

  2. Not sure what your schedule is like, but let me know if you want to meet up and get in 6-8 miles next week — I’ll be in town!!

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