Berry Dairy Days Half- ReCap

I DID IT!!! I beat my goal time of under 2 hours with a time of 1:57:40!!! I am so excited and proud of myself. What a great feeling to set a goal, work hard and accomplish it! It totally makes all the pain of running 13.1 worth it. Ok, enough tooting of my own horn, here’s a re-cap of the race in timeline format:
5:45am- My alarm goes off. I can hear the rain outside and my first thought is, “oh s***! I have to run in that.”
6:00am- Actually get up out of bed and start the pre-race process. Coffee, water, power bar, pepto and a little gatorade.
6:50am- On the road, headed to pick up my packet…still pouring down rain.
8:25am- I find my cousin in the crowd. It’s her first ever 1/2 and her birthday!
8:30am- Race starts…still raining.
Miles 1-5 I run sub 9:00. I am happy that I am keeping such a good pace!
Miles 5-8 My pace slowed slightly, right around 9:00. Still running on the road.
Miles 9-11 The course runs along the river dike, which was advertised as packed gravel, but was actually big rocks. It was hard to keep my footing and was muddy and slick. I was convinced I would roll my ankle.
Miles 12-13.1 Back on the road and pushing it to the end! Stopped raining!

I stuck around for the awards after the race. My cousin got first place in our age division (awesome!) and I got 5th. Way to go us!

Best parts of the race- Beating my goal time! Seeing a bald eagle sitting about 10 yards from the course, right by the river.
Worst parts- Rain. Running on uneven terrain. My toe jamming into the front of my shoe, I’m pretty sure I’ll lose that toenail, Ouch.

Glam Girls, Pre-race

My cousin and I pre-race

Post-race...I was the unofficial 'wet t-shirt' winner ha ha

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