Back At It

I just have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been so totally lame about keeping up this blog this week (ok, the past 10 days). I would use being super busy as an excuse, but I’m always super busy so that doesn’t really cut it for me. But I’m happy to say I am back on the wagon and I have set a new blog-goal for myself….My goal is to post at least every other day. I have a ton of ideas for posts and lately I have been more interested in climbing into bed than taking the 10 minutes to write a post.


On another note, here is what my (awfully lazy) run schedule has been since I last posted:

Tuesday 6/21- Ran 3 (slow) miles

Wednesday 6/22- Nothing

Thursday 6/23- Nothing

Friday 6/24- Nothing

Saturday 6/25- Ran 8 miles with GlamGirlS then hit up the Farmer’s Market for a super delish and healthy I-kinda-want-one-right-now-even-though-I-am-stuffed-from-dinner breakfast burrito.

Sunday 6/26- Nothing, because I threw a bridal shower for my little Sis!

Monday 6/27- Went out for a quick 4 miler, decided to take a shortcut home on the trail, got really lost, ended up running 7.5 miles and missing dinner, and it was raining. Boo!

Tuesday 6/28- Nothing

Wednesday 6/29- 4 miler (did not choose the trail ‘shortcut’ this time)


I plan on running tomorrow, Friday and Saturday….but since I will be keeping up on posts, you will all hear about it within a timely (not 10 days, eek!) fashion!


I’m Hungry

So, it’s two days after my race and I am still hungry! This happens to me every time. I always spend the days after a race just eating everything in sight. I’m pretty sure it’s because i just burned a crazy amount of calories running 13.1 miles. I still have not figured out a way to get this post-race binging in check. Here’s what I’ve eaten so far today (and it isn’t even 4pm yet)!
2 eggs, scrambled with cheese
1 slice of toast with butter and jam
Berrys and grapes
Large cup of coffee
Hot dog with Greek toppings
Ice cream
Apple chips

Any suggestions on how to fuel up after a race/long run? What’s your favorite post-run snack?

Berry Dairy Days Half- ReCap

I DID IT!!! I beat my goal time of under 2 hours with a time of 1:57:40!!! I am so excited and proud of myself. What a great feeling to set a goal, work hard and accomplish it! It totally makes all the pain of running 13.1 worth it. Ok, enough tooting of my own horn, here’s a re-cap of the race in timeline format:
5:45am- My alarm goes off. I can hear the rain outside and my first thought is, “oh s***! I have to run in that.”
6:00am- Actually get up out of bed and start the pre-race process. Coffee, water, power bar, pepto and a little gatorade.
6:50am- On the road, headed to pick up my packet…still pouring down rain.
8:25am- I find my cousin in the crowd. It’s her first ever 1/2 and her birthday!
8:30am- Race starts…still raining.
Miles 1-5 I run sub 9:00. I am happy that I am keeping such a good pace!
Miles 5-8 My pace slowed slightly, right around 9:00. Still running on the road.
Miles 9-11 The course runs along the river dike, which was advertised as packed gravel, but was actually big rocks. It was hard to keep my footing and was muddy and slick. I was convinced I would roll my ankle.
Miles 12-13.1 Back on the road and pushing it to the end! Stopped raining!

I stuck around for the awards after the race. My cousin got first place in our age division (awesome!) and I got 5th. Way to go us!

Best parts of the race- Beating my goal time! Seeing a bald eagle sitting about 10 yards from the course, right by the river.
Worst parts- Rain. Running on uneven terrain. My toe jamming into the front of my shoe, I’m pretty sure I’ll lose that toenail, Ouch.

Glam Girls, Pre-race

My cousin and I pre-race

Post-race...I was the unofficial 'wet t-shirt' winner ha ha

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

It’s that time again….running another 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning. I am shooting for a time under 2 hours, that means a 9:16 min per mile pace. It’s a flat course, so I’m counting on being fast. Wish me luck! Also, Happy Birthday and good luck to my cousin who is running her first ever 1/2 tomorrow! Awesome way to celebrate!
What are you doing this weekend???

Race Week

So…I did not make it out for my long run on Sunday like expected. Sometimes I just get too busy and time gets away from me. I also let myself get past the point of being motivated to run. Does that happen to anyone else? At some point, you just resign to the fact that you aren’t going to run and you no longer have the motivation.
I did, however, complete my long run for the week (8 miles) on Monday. I felt pretty good afterward even though the last 1.5 miles was uphill. I am so glad my race this weekend is FLAT!!
My Monday run also gave me the opportunity to wear my new running skirt. New clothes=motivation!
Here’s a pic of the front:
And the super-cute pleats in the back that make my butt look smaller (huge bonus!)

Ready to Run

After taking three days off from training, I will be heading out for a long run (10 miles) later this afternoon. It is a beautiful day, so I am looking forward to it. It also gives me an excuse to wear my new running skirt!
I probably shouldn’t have taken so many days off, since I will be running the Berry Dairy Days 1/2 marathon next weekend. If you want to run with me, click here to register. To find our more about the festival, click here.

Speeding Up

It was a beautiful evening last night for a run! 60 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze is such perfect running weather. I ran 6 miles in 52min 34sec, which is an 8:45min/ mile pace!! I am very happy that my pace is getting faster because that means my goal of coming in under 2 hours in my next race is do-able. Also, on Saturday I ran 10 miles in 1:30…right on track for 13.1 in under 2hrs.
My ultimate goal is to run a mile in 7 minutes (or less). Which is the fastest I’ve ever run a mile. I’m hoping to get in some track/speedwork soon. Ugh- kinda not looking forward to mile repeats.

Busy, Busy!

Holy Moly! It has been over a week since I last posted. Where does the time go?!? I have been super busy this last week with work, job-hunting and of course running! Plus the weather was amazingly sunny and warm and fabulous all weekend, so I was mostly outside soaking it in! My runs from last week went like this:
Wednesday- 5 miles
Friday- 5 miles
Saturday- 10 miles

Check out this view from my run on Saturday:

Running a 10 miles is hard, but it is so much better when the sun is shining and you just want to be outside anyway!
I’m heading out tonight for 6 miles…will post about it later tonight.