Weekend Running

All this week I was feeling pretty lazy in the running department. Compared to last week, I did not run very much; not nearly as much as I feel I should have. This weekend, however was great in terms of my runs. Saturday morning I met two friends for a 7-mile run which ended up at the Saturday Farmer’s market downtown. A couple other friends met us there and we all enjoyed coffee, breakfast burritos, crepes, and ice cream. There were a lot of other friends we ran into and we spent the morning listening to live music and soaking in the sun. Today, I met J for a 6-miler. We were both feeling a little stiff and tired after the run yesterday, but I am so glad I got out of bed to run. Feels great when it’s done! Now it’s on to chores….boo!
What did you do this weekend??

One thought on “Weekend Running

  1. Good Morning:

    Sound like you had a great time at the Saturday market. Finally some warm sunshine for you. Were just hanging out here for the weekend. Don’t like to be on the road so will just relax and watch movies while Papa Hank goes to golf. Some good news regarding Hanks’ beloved golf!! On Saturday 5/28/11 he had his 3rd Hole in One!! He was so excited and I told him he needs to go on the Senior Tour. I wish.. He sure loves his golf.

    Have a good day honey. love ya-Grandma

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