Motivation for Running

Saturday was a cold and cloudy day. After having such beautiful sunny days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it was hard for me to find motivation for my run. I always find it easier to lace up my tennies and get out there when the sun is shining. I knew I had to get my run in for the weekend, so I ended up running the 3 miles to my sister’s house to look at her wedding invitations she was working on….they are AMAZING! After hanging out with her for about half an hour, I had to run the 3 miles home. Ugh!! It was not easy getting started again and I stopped to walk a little. New rule of running- don’t stop and hang out!

My other motivation for my run was that the Waterfront Festival was happening and I knew I would be checking it out and eating “fair food” for lunch. I also made a stop in the beer garden, so I’m sure my run was not enough to cover me eating this:

But it sure was delicious!

One thought on “Motivation for Running

  1. Hi Honey:

    That corn dog and fries did look good, but, if you come out here and go for a run I will treat you the very best in Az with our “In and Out Burger and Fries” You know how good the are!!!

    Will get a Keep up the good job of running and we are all so excited to see all of you real soon for the big day. love to all-Az grandma

    PS: I will get a recipe off for the book this week.

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