What Happened to the Sun??

It’s been beautiful weather these last few days, and perfect for running. After my early run on Tuesday, I went Wednesday afternoon for 4.4 miles and then another early run Thursday morning (4 miles). I am so much more motivated to run when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. Generally I feel like I run faster and am more able/willing to go farther. Looking at views like this:

and this:

makes me want to run forever!
Now for the bad news- today I’m due for my long run, probably 8 miles and it is raining. I am not so motivated to get out there, but I will power through and get it done at some point today.

One thought on “What Happened to the Sun??

  1. Hi Honey:

    The pictures are just beautiful to say the least. Thanks for sharing them. How can you not be motivated when your surrounded by all that beauty!! Hope you did great with the run today and the rain was a light one for you. So happy to hear KK is running with you now when she can. Take care honey. love ya. Hi to everyone..& see you soon

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