Early Bird

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Pacific Northwest! I took full advantage of the sunshine this morning and headed out for a run before work. It was about 6 am when I left the house and I have to say, I just love running in the early morning. There were hardly any cars on the road, so I could run in the street… Something I typically like to do, instead of the sidewalk with all the driveway ‘cutouts’. Know what I mean?

I am almost convinced that sunshine and endorphins are better than coffee. This may be coming from the fact that I’m still on my “runner’s high”. Whenever I run in the morning I always just feel so energized and ready for the day. Yay for a natural high!! However, I will not be giving up my coffee addiction anytime soon, just so we’re clear.

Today’s run- 5.25 miles in just over 48 minutes.

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