Take Care of Your Feet!

Over the last couple days I have realized that it is dang near impossible to have a good run if your feet hurt. My feet are in pretty rough shape right now because of 3 factors:
1.) I wore new shoes for the Vancouver race and acquired some blisters along with my PR.
2.) I tried to give myself an at home pedicure and went overboard with the callus scraper. Blood everywhere!
There’s a reason they have professionals for this.
3.) I stepped on a piece of broken glass and cut my other foot. Boo.

My pre-run prescription from today

My poor little torn-up tootsies

But, in true runner form, I bandaged up and ran 6 miles on Saturday and 4 miles today. Ouch! Lesson learned…take care of your feet!

One thought on “Take Care of Your Feet!

  1. Good Morning

    How ya doing ” TOOTSIE”

    Sounds like you did a number on those poor toes of yours. Hope they are much better by now. At least it does not sound like that episode didn’t affect your running that much thank goodness.

    Going to be 93 today so I want to get my work around here and then I can take the rest of the day off. This is hard work staying home and being chief cook and bottle washer. I need to look for a new JOB so I will have an excuse not to work so hard around here. Take care of those feet honey-love ya

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