Vancouver Shenanigans

We did it! The Vancouver 1/2 marathon was awesome and everyone did great, despite a couple of snafus on Saturday. Here is a re-cap of our weekend north of the border….

We headed up to Vancouver, BC on Saturday afternoon to pick up our packets and stay the night before our race on Sunday. We had directions to the expo, where we were to pick up our packets, but did not not have directions to the hotel yet. We figured we could get the hotel info from GlamGirlS’s e-mail (on her phone) and we would google directions when we got there. As soon as we reached the border, and it was about 100 yards too late, we realized our phones don’t work in Canada without being charged an arm and a leg. Oops! So, we headed to the expo, got lost on the way, but made it. With our packets, t-shirts and bibs in hand it was now time to find our hotel.

G.G.S. thought she could lead us to the hotel because she had stayed there last year. Well, that didn’t really work out. Lost again, we stopped at a McDonalds to use WiFi to check e-mail. Finally armed with an address and phone number for the hotel, we got directions from a helpful Mickey-D’s employee. A few wrong turns later, we were on the right track to our hotel. We got very excited when we finally found the road we needed to turn on for our hotel….but we missed the turn, and there was nowhere to turn around for 10 miles down the road.

Finally, we made it to the hotel! Yay! But wait….somehow our reservation had been made for July 9th. NOT April 30th like we needed. And it was non-refundable and the hotel was sold out of rooms. Luckily, a VERY kind manager took pity on us and refunded the room. She even called some other hotels and got us a room. Thank you!!!! It all worked out for the best because our new hotel was a little nicer and closer to the start of the race.

Race Day:

Glam Girls at the start line. Sporting our new Glam glasses and headbands!

GlamGirlS @ mile 2

Me @ mile 2

GlamGirlA @ mile 4

Official Times:
GlamGirlS- 2:12:30
GlamGirlA- 2:13:43 (awesome for her first 1/2 ever!)
GlamGirlR (me)- 2:01:17 a PR!!!!

One thought on “Vancouver Shenanigans

  1. Congrats on the PR!! I’m so impressed! I’ve still yet to RUN over 9 miles straight. I am going to run my first 1/2 in October… the SJ Rock and Roll. I’m shooting for 2 hours or less, too!

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