Weekend Running

All this week I was feeling pretty lazy in the running department. Compared to last week, I did not run very much; not nearly as much as I feel I should have. This weekend, however was great in terms of my runs. Saturday morning I met two friends for a 7-mile run which ended up at the Saturday Farmer’s market downtown. A couple other friends met us there and we all enjoyed coffee, breakfast burritos, crepes, and ice cream. There were a lot of other friends we ran into and we spent the morning listening to live music and soaking in the sun. Today, I met J for a 6-miler. We were both feeling a little stiff and tired after the run yesterday, but I am so glad I got out of bed to run. Feels great when it’s done! Now it’s on to chores….boo!
What did you do this weekend??


Motivation for Running

Saturday was a cold and cloudy day. After having such beautiful sunny days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it was hard for me to find motivation for my run. I always find it easier to lace up my tennies and get out there when the sun is shining. I knew I had to get my run in for the weekend, so I ended up running the 3 miles to my sister’s house to look at her wedding invitations she was working on….they are AMAZING! After hanging out with her for about half an hour, I had to run the 3 miles home. Ugh!! It was not easy getting started again and I stopped to walk a little. New rule of running- don’t stop and hang out!

My other motivation for my run was that the Waterfront Festival was happening and I knew I would be checking it out and eating “fair food” for lunch. I also made a stop in the beer garden, so I’m sure my run was not enough to cover me eating this:

But it sure was delicious!

What Happened to the Sun??

It’s been beautiful weather these last few days, and perfect for running. After my early run on Tuesday, I went Wednesday afternoon for 4.4 miles and then another early run Thursday morning (4 miles). I am so much more motivated to run when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. Generally I feel like I run faster and am more able/willing to go farther. Looking at views like this:

and this:

makes me want to run forever!
Now for the bad news- today I’m due for my long run, probably 8 miles and it is raining. I am not so motivated to get out there, but I will power through and get it done at some point today.

Early Bird

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Pacific Northwest! I took full advantage of the sunshine this morning and headed out for a run before work. It was about 6 am when I left the house and I have to say, I just love running in the early morning. There were hardly any cars on the road, so I could run in the street… Something I typically like to do, instead of the sidewalk with all the driveway ‘cutouts’. Know what I mean?

I am almost convinced that sunshine and endorphins are better than coffee. This may be coming from the fact that I’m still on my “runner’s high”. Whenever I run in the morning I always just feel so energized and ready for the day. Yay for a natural high!! However, I will not be giving up my coffee addiction anytime soon, just so we’re clear.

Today’s run- 5.25 miles in just over 48 minutes.

A Week in Running

It’s been a little bit of a crazy week, and I apologize for not posting sooner. Here is a re-cap of my runs this week:
Monday- Ran 4 miles
Tuesday- Ran 4 miles with my sister(whom I have talked into doing a 1/2 with me). It was fun to run with my sister, even if it was a slower pace for me. I am planning to run the whole race with her and help her because it’s her first one. Can’t wait!
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Ran 6 miles, then joined my Mom for some booty shakin’ at Zumba.
Friday- Off
Saturday- Ran 7 miles (in 61 minutes, yay!!)

On another note, there were some really awesome pictures of the Glam Girls taken at the Vancouver race by the professional photogs. However, I refuse to pay $14.95 for one 5×7 print, so if you want to see us, click here.

Take Care of Your Feet!

Over the last couple days I have realized that it is dang near impossible to have a good run if your feet hurt. My feet are in pretty rough shape right now because of 3 factors:
1.) I wore new shoes for the Vancouver race and acquired some blisters along with my PR.
2.) I tried to give myself an at home pedicure and went overboard with the callus scraper. Blood everywhere!
There’s a reason they have professionals for this.
3.) I stepped on a piece of broken glass and cut my other foot. Boo.

My pre-run prescription from today

My poor little torn-up tootsies

But, in true runner form, I bandaged up and ran 6 miles on Saturday and 4 miles today. Ouch! Lesson learned…take care of your feet!

A beautiful day for a run

Yesterday I did a short little post-race run. It ended up being about 3.4 miles. My calves had been really tight since the 1/2 last Sunday, and I was worried it would make my run tough/painful. But surprisingly they loosened up and I felt like I could have run for hours. It makes such a difference for me when the sun is out and it’s warm.

I am especially excited because I have talked my Sister into doing her first 1/2 marathon!! Yay! We will be running the San Juan 1/2 Marathon on June 5th. It’s going to be awesome, and I can’t wait to get her hooked on running!

Also, I will be running the Berry Dairy Days 1/2 Marathon on June 18th. Who is joining me?????

Vancouver Shenanigans

We did it! The Vancouver 1/2 marathon was awesome and everyone did great, despite a couple of snafus on Saturday. Here is a re-cap of our weekend north of the border….

We headed up to Vancouver, BC on Saturday afternoon to pick up our packets and stay the night before our race on Sunday. We had directions to the expo, where we were to pick up our packets, but did not not have directions to the hotel yet. We figured we could get the hotel info from GlamGirlS’s e-mail (on her phone) and we would google directions when we got there. As soon as we reached the border, and it was about 100 yards too late, we realized our phones don’t work in Canada without being charged an arm and a leg. Oops! So, we headed to the expo, got lost on the way, but made it. With our packets, t-shirts and bibs in hand it was now time to find our hotel.

G.G.S. thought she could lead us to the hotel because she had stayed there last year. Well, that didn’t really work out. Lost again, we stopped at a McDonalds to use WiFi to check e-mail. Finally armed with an address and phone number for the hotel, we got directions from a helpful Mickey-D’s employee. A few wrong turns later, we were on the right track to our hotel. We got very excited when we finally found the road we needed to turn on for our hotel….but we missed the turn, and there was nowhere to turn around for 10 miles down the road.

Finally, we made it to the hotel! Yay! But wait….somehow our reservation had been made for July 9th. NOT April 30th like we needed. And it was non-refundable and the hotel was sold out of rooms. Luckily, a VERY kind manager took pity on us and refunded the room. She even called some other hotels and got us a room. Thank you!!!! It all worked out for the best because our new hotel was a little nicer and closer to the start of the race.

Race Day:

Glam Girls at the start line. Sporting our new Glam glasses and headbands!

GlamGirlS @ mile 2

Me @ mile 2

GlamGirlA @ mile 4

Official Times:
GlamGirlS- 2:12:30
GlamGirlA- 2:13:43 (awesome for her first 1/2 ever!)
GlamGirlR (me)- 2:01:17 a PR!!!!