Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So, I have been feeling pretty darn lazy all week because I took off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from running. Although, I had the intention to run on Tuesday morning and even woke up early. But, for some reason, our treadmill wasn’t working (yes it was plugged in, I know what you’re thinking). So I ended up just doing some free weights and ab/back work instead.

Wednesday it was back to running. I was trying to figure out how to squeeze a run into my busy day, not really wanting to do it after work. I’m always so unmotivated at that hour. Well, as I discussed my running plans with O (my roommate’s daughter, 3 y.o.) on the way home from school, she suggested we run to dance class. I thought that sounded like a great idea. The weather was looking a little iffy, but we decided to go for it. It’s just about 3 miles each way which makes for a nice pre-race run.

Turns out, the first half (on the way to dance) was great. Downhill, cloudy skies (but not rain), and no wind. Boy did the weather take a turn during that 45 minutes of ballet. The run back home was awful!! Pouring down rain, against the wind, uphill and don’t forget I was pushing a stroller! Ugh! I was one soggy, wet mess by the time we made it back. But, we made it and now I’m feeling ready for the race on Sunday (even though I’m pretty sore today).

Sorry about all the whining and complaining in this post but sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t the only runner out there suffering.

One thought on “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. Good Morning:

    Finally getting to my email. Good to hear from you and so sorry your having all the rain to deal with. Wish I could send you some clear skies & lots of sunshine!! I promise to bring all the good weather when we come for the “big day” which will be here before we know it! Have been up since 2AM to watch the royal wedding. It was just absolutely beautiful to say the least. I also taped it so I can watch it again. I’m sure all of you watched it as well. I think I will see about getting a hat for our
    family royal wedding. That seems to be the proper thing to wear. Do you think KK will approve? Let me know as I want to be the proud and proper “Grand Mum”

    Good luck on your run sunday honey. Look forward to find out how you did. Talk to you soon-love ya

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