Official Times

I looked up our official finish times and here they are:

GlamGirlR (Me)- 2:05:15

GlamGirlS- 2:11:39

GlamGirlC- 1:58:04

If you want to check any other results of this race, click here.

Wowie! So amazing for the first race of the season. I am so proud of us all!

On a related note, the soreness is not awful today (thank goodness). I went for a 4 mile walk, then stretched and that helped a lot. I will probably get back to running tomorrow with  3-4 mile slow-ish recovery run. But since we have less than 3 weeks to the Vancouver 1/2, I will be getting back to more serious training later this week/weekend.

One thought on “Official Times

  1. Good Morning:

    Wow, you are all doing just wonderful. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for your Vancouver run and I’m sure you will all do just great. I’m hoping sometime in the future you will have a run out here in Arizona. Would be so much fun to cheer you on. love-ya

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