We Did It!!

It was windy and cold, but we powered through and the Glam Girls completed the first half marathon of the year! GlamGirlC’s finish time was just about 2 hours. GlamGirlS finished in 2:11 and I finished in 2:05….my personal best! I had to stop and walk a little bit, so I was surprised at how fast I finished. The first few miles were great and I started to feel warmed up and fell into my stride at about mile 4-5.  Right about mile 8 there was a long, steady hill that slowed me up quite a bit. At the top of that hill I was able to eat a Gu and that made a big difference. The last mile was mostly downhill (yay!) and I was able to pass a bunch of people. I definitely was no where near placing or being a top finisher, but it’s always super satisfying when you pass someone!

We each have a goal for the next run in Vancouver, which is just 20 short days away 🙂

A big congratulations to all the other runners today who finished the Whidbey Marathon and Half Marathon today!!

2 thoughts on “We Did It!!

  1. Hi Honey:

    Wow, Papa Hank and I are really impressed!! Keep up the good work. Does this organization have room for Senior’s? I don’t think my shopping and out to lunch trips are really keeping me in good shape. Now that I’m a lady of leisure I need to really work on getting into shape. Going to be 80 here today so will catch a few sun rays while working in the back yard. Can’t wait to see all of you in July & I sure can’t come without an arizona tan(ha) love ya

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