Spring is Here!!

It is beautiful in the PacNW today! I got in a 5 mile run and I wore a TANK TOP! Can you believe it?!?!? It was so warm and gorgeous and wonderful for running. There were so many people out mowing their lawns and I got to breathe in the scent of fresh cut grass (one of my fave smells) my whole run.

Also, my pace has gotten faster since last year, so my goal of beating my best finish time is looking good. Thanks to my amazing new running watch, found here, I am able to keep track of these sorts of things. I know a PR won’t be happening this weekend, but maybe next month when we run the Vancouver Half Marathon.

Tomorrow is a rest day for running and the Glam Girls will be enjoying a great community event, The Spring Wine Festival. Along with our wine tastings we will be drinking TONS of water. Hope the line for the potty doesn’t get too long, as I feel we will be visiting frequently. It’s a going to be a great weekend of Friends, Wine and Running! I hope this beautiful sunshine sticks around for us!

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