Thanks Mom & Dad!

I was totally taken by surprise yesterday when my parents gave me an awesome new running watch!

Actually, I was not completely surprised since I had asked for this watch specifically and even printed out the ‘specs’ for them. I am calling it my early birthday present, even though my b-day isn’t until August. But by then my running ‘season’ will be almost over.

The watch is amazing! GlamGirlS has one and has been raving about it and flaunting it in front of me since Christmas. If you want to see for yourself all the wonderful things it can do, here it is:

The Garmin Forerunner 410- GPS watch

On another note….According to my race-week schedule (see previous post) I was supposed to run 6-8 miles on Monday. However, I ended up only doing 4, on the treadmill. The reason being that in order to fit a run into my schedule yesterday, I had to wake up early and run before work. Unfortunately (well it wasn’t that unfortunate) I slept in and only had time to complete 4 miles. After my 11-miler on Saturday I was still feeling a bit sore and tired, so I am actually glad I was forced to only do 4; 6 or 8 would have been too much.

I took today off from running, which was much needed. I am ending my night with a wonderful glass of wine and some homemade lasagna…just what the doctor ordered đŸ™‚ I will resume running tomorrow with probably another 4 miles. If the weather is not awful, I will run outside….and get to use my new watch! YAY!!!

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