Yesterday’s run was a long one…. We went out aiming to do 10 miles and ended up going about 11. I decided to push it and ‘sprint’ out mile 8, which ended up to not be the best decision I made all day. I was fine for a while after that, then at about mile 9.75 my legs cramped up and I hit a wall. I had to slow down quite a bit, then stop to stretch a lot. Needless to say, I will not be incorporating a ‘sprint’ mile into my race next weekend 🙂

The weather co-operated for the most part and only sprinkled on us a little and there were even a few sun breaks, yay!  Everyone was pretty sore and tired after the run, so of course we went to happy hour and watched Final Four games.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday…well, if you’re like me and crazy enough to think running 11 miles is fun.

In case you are wondering, the plan for this week’s pre-race running is:

Monday-6-8 miles

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday-4-5 miles

Thursday- 3-4 miles

Friday- rest/walk

Saturday- rest/walk

Sunday- RACE DAY!


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