And we’re off..

Just finishing up a little bit of last minute packing (did everyone remember her iPod??) and we are off to Vancouver, BC for night. It’s kinda great to get a little mini vay-cay along with running a 1/2 marathon. The race starts at 7am tomorrow, so the plan for today is to pick up our race packets, have some dinner and call it a night. We are walking to the start line from our hotel tomorrow (our idea of a warm-up) so it’s going to be an early morning! I’ll be bringing my camera this time, so check back tomorrow afternoon for the race updates and some pics! Wish us luck!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So, I have been feeling pretty darn lazy all week because I took off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from running. Although, I had the intention to run on Tuesday morning and even woke up early. But, for some reason, our treadmill wasn’t working (yes it was plugged in, I know what you’re thinking). So I ended up just doing some free weights and ab/back work instead.

Wednesday it was back to running. I was trying to figure out how to squeeze a run into my busy day, not really wanting to do it after work. I’m always so unmotivated at that hour. Well, as I discussed my running plans with O (my roommate’s daughter, 3 y.o.) on the way home from school, she suggested we run to dance class. I thought that sounded like a great idea. The weather was looking a little iffy, but we decided to go for it. It’s just about 3 miles each way which makes for a nice pre-race run.

Turns out, the first half (on the way to dance) was great. Downhill, cloudy skies (but not rain), and no wind. Boy did the weather take a turn during that 45 minutes of ballet. The run back home was awful!! Pouring down rain, against the wind, uphill and don’t forget I was pushing a stroller! Ugh! I was one soggy, wet mess by the time we made it back. But, we made it and now I’m feeling ready for the race on Sunday (even though I’m pretty sore today).

Sorry about all the whining and complaining in this post but sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t the only runner out there suffering.

Happy Easter!

It’s a holiday, and that means a day off from running and filling myself with lots of yummy food! Thankfully I don’t have to feel guilty about it because I ran 9 1/2 miles yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in the PacNor West with lots of wonderful sunshine. I was able to con my friends J and C into coming with me, which totally helped me out and kept me motivated. Since C isn’t a runner, he rode his bike along with us and was kind of like our “pace car.” I was glad he could come out with us crazy runners. Although, I about kicked his bike over when, going up a steep hill at mile 8.5, he says to me “wow, it must really suck to be running up this hill.” Yup, he’s lucky he didn’t get a stick jammed in his wheel. Other that that, it was an awesome run and I felt great afterward.

The Vancouver 1/2 Marathon is next weekend, and I am feeling ready to go. I’m really hoping I can beat my PR time of 2:05 so I might try to get in a little speed work this week. Maybe I’ll add some fartleks to my usual runs. If you don’t know what a fartlek is, click here. They are not the most fun part of running, but they do help improve your speed.

Slow and Steady

It was slow and sluggish, but I did it, 8 miles! I think I ate too big of a breakfast, or maybe drank too much water right before running because I was having side-ache/cramp issues in the first couple miles. Even stopped to walk a bit and stretch it out. I loosened up at about mile 3 and was feeling pretty good up to the last couple miles. I am going to cut myself some slack, though, because the last 2 miles are all uphill, but… I was still slower than usual.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, I ran 3 miles and did some sit-ups and push-ups. It’s amazing how sore you can get from 10 push-ups when you never do them! Ugh! But I know it is time for me to add a little something extra to my running. I have decided to start weight lifting. I used to lift all the time in high school and college, but have been a slacker as of late.

Knowing myself, and the fact that, if left to my own devices, I will be a huge slacker at lifting, I’m going to start taking a class at my gym. I have taken the class before, it’s called Body Pump, and I really like it. The downfall is that the only time I can go is at 6am! I am a morning person, but even that is early for me. My idea is to con a friend into going with me so I have to answer to someone if I don’t show up. The power of friends is strong….but it’s for a good cause and healthy reason, so this is a good form of peer pressure.

Overall, it’s been a good training week. Though I was slow and didn’t feel great about my run today, I sometimes have to remind myself that even a lethargic, slow-moving run is better than sitting on the couch!

Gloves and Headbands, It’s April…Oh My!!

Remember a couple weeks ago in this post, when I ran in a tank top and it was super warm out? Well, that did not happen today. It was so cold when I headed out for my run. I bundled up in a long-sleeve shirt and even donned my gloves and ear-covering headband. As I was running, it just made me sad that it’s the middle of April and still so cold (and rainy) here. Though the sun was shining today, it was only about 50*. Burrrrr! I am a warm weather lover and I am aching to get out my sundresses, shorts and tank tops.

On a happier note, I ran 5.5 miles today and I’m feeling really good about it. I’m back on track in my training for the next race, yay! My pace was good today too, an average of 9:17 per mile for an overall finish time of 50:41. Not too shabby seeing as how the whole second half was uphill.

I am going to run again tomorrow, maybe another 5-er. Wednesday will be off. Then 3-5 on Thursday depending on what I have time for. Friday will probably be off. Saturday will be a long run day, hopefully 10! After that it’s taper week up to the Vancouver Half! As I write this, I am getting really excited!

Sorry for the Delay :(

So sorry it has been so long since my last post. I’ve been having some Internet issues, and just realized I can post from my phone. Yay WordPress app!
Anyway, now I can update you on all my running (or lack thereof) from this week. As I previously posted, I did a post-race walk and lots of stretching on Monday. Then ha a super hectic week and wasn’t able to run until Thursday. I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill at a pretty steady 9-9:30 pace. After running, I tried out a Zumba class with my Mama. That dance stuff is no joke! I am still sore ha ha. But it was lots of fun, even if I made a huge fool of myself.
My next run of the week was on Saturday. I had every intention of going 6 miles, but my body did not agree. I ran about 2 miles then stopped to walk. It felt so nice to walk, that I just continued to walk the rest of the way. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get in my 6, especially with another race coming up. But if there’s one thing I have learned from all the running I do, it’s that you can force your body to run. Some days it just isn’t happening and that’s ok. So, I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully get in a solid amount of miles!

Official Times

I looked up our official finish times and here they are:

GlamGirlR (Me)- 2:05:15

GlamGirlS- 2:11:39

GlamGirlC- 1:58:04

If you want to check any other results of this race, click here.

Wowie! So amazing for the first race of the season. I am so proud of us all!

On a related note, the soreness is not awful today (thank goodness). I went for a 4 mile walk, then stretched and that helped a lot. I will probably get back to running tomorrow with  3-4 mile slow-ish recovery run. But since we have less than 3 weeks to the Vancouver 1/2, I will be getting back to more serious training later this week/weekend.

We Did It!!

It was windy and cold, but we powered through and the Glam Girls completed the first half marathon of the year! GlamGirlC’s finish time was just about 2 hours. GlamGirlS finished in 2:11 and I finished in 2:05….my personal best! I had to stop and walk a little bit, so I was surprised at how fast I finished. The first few miles were great and I started to feel warmed up and fell into my stride at about mile 4-5.  Right about mile 8 there was a long, steady hill that slowed me up quite a bit. At the top of that hill I was able to eat a Gu and that made a big difference. The last mile was mostly downhill (yay!) and I was able to pass a bunch of people. I definitely was no where near placing or being a top finisher, but it’s always super satisfying when you pass someone!

We each have a goal for the next run in Vancouver, which is just 20 short days away 🙂

A big congratulations to all the other runners today who finished the Whidbey Marathon and Half Marathon today!!

Spring is Here!!

It is beautiful in the PacNW today! I got in a 5 mile run and I wore a TANK TOP! Can you believe it?!?!? It was so warm and gorgeous and wonderful for running. There were so many people out mowing their lawns and I got to breathe in the scent of fresh cut grass (one of my fave smells) my whole run.

Also, my pace has gotten faster since last year, so my goal of beating my best finish time is looking good. Thanks to my amazing new running watch, found here, I am able to keep track of these sorts of things. I know a PR won’t be happening this weekend, but maybe next month when we run the Vancouver Half Marathon.

Tomorrow is a rest day for running and the Glam Girls will be enjoying a great community event, The Spring Wine Festival. Along with our wine tastings we will be drinking TONS of water. Hope the line for the potty doesn’t get too long, as I feel we will be visiting frequently. It’s a going to be a great weekend of Friends, Wine and Running! I hope this beautiful sunshine sticks around for us!

Thanks Mom & Dad!

I was totally taken by surprise yesterday when my parents gave me an awesome new running watch!

Actually, I was not completely surprised since I had asked for this watch specifically and even printed out the ‘specs’ for them. I am calling it my early birthday present, even though my b-day isn’t until August. But by then my running ‘season’ will be almost over.

The watch is amazing! GlamGirlS has one and has been raving about it and flaunting it in front of me since Christmas. If you want to see for yourself all the wonderful things it can do, here it is:

The Garmin Forerunner 410- GPS watch

On another note….According to my race-week schedule (see previous post) I was supposed to run 6-8 miles on Monday. However, I ended up only doing 4, on the treadmill. The reason being that in order to fit a run into my schedule yesterday, I had to wake up early and run before work. Unfortunately (well it wasn’t that unfortunate) I slept in and only had time to complete 4 miles. After my 11-miler on Saturday I was still feeling a bit sore and tired, so I am actually glad I was forced to only do 4; 6 or 8 would have been too much.

I took today off from running, which was much needed. I am ending my night with a wonderful glass of wine and some homemade lasagna…just what the doctor ordered 🙂 I will resume running tomorrow with probably another 4 miles. If the weather is not awful, I will run outside….and get to use my new watch! YAY!!!